Here, to start with, are a few extremely rare exclusive photos from the very first Red Dwarf rehearsal sessions
Photo Gallery

The first 7 photos are shots from the original aborted production of the first season of Red Dwarf, which was stymied by an electricians’ strike at the BBC. Some of the casting changed between this and the actual production, due to actor availability. We don’t know who took the snaps, but we can safely assume it was not a professional photographer. We have cleaned them up with some marvellous technology, courtesy of FixerLabs software, but let’s face it: they’re not going to win any competitions. Still, they’re interesting to the aficionado.

These first 5 are all from the Acton rehearsal rooms in London. The Refectory scene shots show the original intended cast: alongside Bob Bathurst and Mac McDonald, Nick Maloney was the original hologram (McIntyre) and the next shot features the original Kochanski (Alexandra Pigg) on the front left. The crew picture features, from L to R: Paul Jackson (Exec Producer), Donna Distefano (AFM)  Ed Bye (Producer/Director) Craig Charles (on bended knee) Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and we’re not sure of the name of the Floor Manager. Sorry. The person just lurking behind Paul’s shoulder is, we think, Doug Naylor. It’s interesting to see smoking in the rehearsal room. You’d be shot for that now. The shots date from early 1987, we reckon, which is the only possible excuse for Donna’s Big Hair.

The next two are the main cast, trying to work up some kind of chemistry.

The last shots are taken from the original music session in Islington, where the main theme was recorded, including the mighty and magnificent organ that swelled under the opening titles for two seasons. The even mightier and more magnificent Howard Goodall, who wrote the music, is in the foreground. Just behind him, you might be able to make out Rob, though he wants to make it absolutely clear has no recollection of ever smoking Silk Cut. Ever.

The next 3 shots are from the Summer ’09 Son of Cliché reunion lunch, which was, as far as anyone can remember, great fun and lasted just over seven hours, which is a good lunch by any measure. In the first shot, left to right: Peter Brewis (musical genius) Rob Grant (regular genius) Doug Naylor (Yet another genius) Nick Maloney (foole) Chris Barrie (vocal genius) Alan Nixon (Producer) and Nick Wilton (paranoid).